Parkside Planning Proposal – Concord West

The Planning Proposal requests land-use zoning, floor space ratio and height amendments to the Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013. To facilitate the development of a new master-planned high- density residential neighbourhood that is to be called Parkside.


The proponent has named this project ‘Parkside’ to celebrate its location adjacent to the beautiful Bicentennial Park and Powell Creek Reserve.

The Parkside Vision

Parkside is redefining inner-city living. The vision celebrates living local and delivers 5 key outcomes:

  1. Sustainable Design. Parkside will deliver green design excellence, embody the principles of water sensitive urban design, achieve a 30% tree canopy index, a 40% green site ratio for residential sites, and ensure every apartment is within a 200 metre walk of a local open space.
  2. Parkside’s centrepiece is a re-invigorated Victoria Avenue. Connecting the Concord West Rail Station, Victoria Avenue Community School and Bicentennial Park Victoria Avenue will be activated through the inclusion of 2,500 square metres of retail floor space that will redefine ‘shop local’.
  3. Embracing the principles of transit-orientated development, Parkside will deliver around 1465 new apartments within walking distance of Concord West Rail Station.
  4. Parkside will diver 4% of all apartments as affordable housing.
  5. Parkside provides the upfront investment required for the essential road and stormwater infrastructure upgrades that are required to unlock the urban renewal of the precinct. The Planning Proposal is accompanied by a Planning Agreement that includes the upgrade of the George Street and Pomeroy Street signalised intersection.

Project details

202 George Street and adjacent land in Concord West.
Local Government Area
City of Canada Bay
Project Type
Planning Proposal lodged with City of Canada Bay Council
Kulcher Pty Ltd

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Project Status

Site Analysis




Planning Proposal
Under assessment
Development Approval
Not yet approved
Not yet started
Not yet completed
Artist’s impression of the reinvigorated Victoria Avenue
Source: Dickson Rothschild Architecture 2021

The Project Team

Kulcher has assembled a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in architecture and urban design, traffic and transportation planning, economic feasibility, stormwater design and water sensitive urban design. The team is headed by Dickson Rothschild Architects.

Site Description

The site is bounded by Concord Avenue to the north, the Northern rail line to the east, 1 King Street (the Westpac Call Centre now owned by Billbergia) to the south, and Victoria Avenue Public School and 7 Concord Avenue (industrial site) to the west. The site measures 6.8 hectares in area.

It is located within and comprises approximately 32% of the Homebush North Precinct in the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy.

The Key Features

  • Its proximity to Bicentennial Park and Powell Creek Reserve to the immediate west of the site.
  • It has been the subject of extensive investigation since 2014 and has been identified as suitable for urban renewal in Local and State Government planning strategies, subject to road and stormwater infrastructure upgrades.
  • It has good pedestrian connections to Bicentennial Park, Victoria Avenue Public School, Concord West Station, and the future metro rail station.

The SiteView Drone Video helps you to understand the locational context of the site.


The Design

The Parkside Master Plan

The Plan and photomontage below illustrate the Parkside master plan. It demonstrates the walkability of the precinct and the priority that has been given to pedestrians and cyclists. Parkside will be a community that, through its very design and convenience, will make you want to leave the car at home and walk or cycle.

The Parkside Master Plan
Source: Dickson Rothschild Architects 2021
Photomontage of the new master Parkside Precinct
Source: Dickson Rothschild Architects 2021


The Planning Proposal is requesting that the following amendments be made to the existing Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 controls that apply to the precinct.

Existing Land Use Zoning
Proposed Land Use Zoning
Source: Dickson Rothschild Architects 2021

Land use zoning

To enable high-density forms of residential development it is necessary to rezone the land. The Planning Proposal is looking to rezone the land from R2 and R3 to R4-High Density Residential and B1 Neighbourhood Centre.

Minimum lot size and land amalgamation

The Planning Proposal has identified minimum lot sizes to promote the amalgamation of viable development parcels. It advocates a minimum development lot size of 2,500sqm for the area generally, with the exception of the lots east of Kings Street and south of Station Street, which are proposed to be 1500sqm. The minimum lot sizes are illustrated by the following plan.

Source: Dickson Rothschild Architects 2021

Building Height

The Planning Proposal increases the maximum building heights in the precinct. Under the existing controls, permissible building heights in the precinct range from 8.5 metres through to 16 metres, which translates to 2 storeys through to 4 storeys.

The Planning Proposal provides for residential apartment buildings that will range from 8 storeys through to 12 storeys in height. These heights can be achieved without any loss to the amenity of residents living in areas adjacent to the Parkside precinct. The proposed heights are illustrated on the plan below.

Floor Space Ratio Controls

Floor space ratio (FSR) is a measure of density. The current area is a low-density residential area. State and Local Government strategic plans have identified the precinct is suitable for urban renewal with an increase in density.

The Planning Proposal is advancing density controls that will deliver high-density residential development because increasing housing density in proximity to rail infrastructure is considered to be appropriate for this precinct and supports the principles of transit orientated development. The density being put forward is higher than that envisaged by the Council, which is advancing their own Planning Proposal for medium density residential development. Kulchers’s Planning Proposal is accompanied by a Planning Agreement that will deliver stormwater and road infrastructure upgrades to support the additional density.

Under the current planning controls the FSRs that apply to the precinct range from 0.5:1, 0.75:1, 1.0:1 and 2.3:1. The Planning Proposal advocates for FSRs to be increased to 2.0:1 through to a maximum of 3.6:1 (centrally located within the site). The proposed FSRs are illustrated on the following plan.

Parkside Proposed Height and FSR Controls

Source: Dickson Rothschild Architects 2021

Road and stormwater infrastructure delivery

The Planning Proposal has highlighted the need to upgrade the Pomeroy and George Street intersection, North Strathfield, and to address local flood issues. Kulcher has indicated that it is willing to enter into a Planning Agreement to ensure the necessary infrastructure works are undertaken upfront. These works are necessary if the precinct is to support the increase in density.

Q&A Webinars

Community engagement events will be held once it is determined whether the City of Canada Bay Council supports the advancement of the Planning Proposal.

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