An engaging, more modern way to communicate.

A more effective
communication tool

Break through endless walls of text and speak more directly to the community about a project.

Videos can be vital communication tools that serve to express the key goals, intentions and challenges of a project after it has been designed. They allow you to focus discussion, provide your rationale and answer the most relevant questions up front.

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Why Video?

Video has the ability to do the heavy lifting that’s usually done by thousands of words on a page. Urban Development is inherently visual and lends itself perfectly to a visual medium like video.

Benefits of video:

A more emotive way of communicating

Personality can be injected into a project

Dynamic and engaging

Communicate things only video can convey

Builds familiarity and trust

People are more likely to watch a video than read a newsletter or email

It’s reusable and has longevity

The king of content

People are spending more time watching video than ever before and this demand is only growing. This works in favour of any company willing to produce video, since it’s the preferred method of finding out more about a brand or product. Consumers are also more likely to pay closer attention to video than any other type of content.

Reaching a wider audience

While consumption of video content is increasing across all demographics, the biggest consumers tend to skew younger. Using video content provides an opportunity to reach out to a younger audience and invite them to the conversation. It gives access to a high quality, engaging and accurate on-demand resource to anyone unable to attend exhibitions, walkthroughs and Q&As in person.

The impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has taught us that any in-person event runs the risk of being delayed, cancelled or becoming a spreader event. In response, there has been a shift in consumer habits and business practice, moving towards a more flexible on-demand model that uses digital delivery methods. UrbanTalk Development Explainer Videos are a direct response to these changes.

The Star Treatment

This is a fantastic opportunity to get in front of the camera and talk about a project you’re passionate about. Be part of the movie making magic; get mic’d up, sit down for an interview, star in some pre-planned scenes and see how it all works first hand. There’s nothing quite like being on set, so even if being in front of the camera isn’t for you, getting to be there behind the scenes can be just as exciting.

What we do

A custom 10-12 minute documentary-style video covering the key goals, intentions and challenges of a development. Depending on the project, this video might feature interviews with key people, a walkthrough of the site, drone footage, motion graphics or voiceover.

Lights, Camera, Action!