Juliet, Roseville – Redevelopment of the Roseville Memorial Club

Juliet, Roseville is a mixed-use development located at 64-66 and part of 62 Pacific Highway, Roseville adjacent to the Roseville Memorial Park. This project is a partnership between north shore developer Hyecorp Property Group and the Roseville Memorial Club. 


Welcome to the UrbanTalk project listing for Juliet, Roseville, located at 64-66 and part of 62 Pacific Highway, Roseville. The listing explains the approved development application (Application number: DA0049/23) for a mixed use development comprising a ground floor boutique Club facility with seven floor of residential apartment in the airspace above.

On the 14th of December 2022, the development application (DA) was lodged with Ku-ring-gai Council and on the 12th of December 2023 the DA was approved.

On this page you will be able to register for any future community consultation sessions. There is also a feedback form that you can use to ask any questions you may have about the project.

Project details

62-66 Pacific Highway, Roseville
Local Government Area
Ku-ring-gai Council
Project Type
Development Application Approved

Roseville Memorial Club


PBD Architects

Project Overview

On the 14th of December 2022 The Roseville Memorial Club and their development partner, the Hyecorp Property Group lodged a development application (Application number: DA0049/23) to redevelop the Club site at 62-66 Pacific Highway Roseville.

Almost a year later, on the 12th December 2023 the Sydney North Planning Panel determined the Development Application (DA) by granting a Deferred Commencement Consent.

Schedule A of the Consent Instrument sets out the conditions that must be satisfied for the Consent to become operable. They include the requirement for the Applicant to execute the Voluntary Planning Agreement detailed further down this page.

This DA represents the final stage in the development journey for this site which commenced in 2016.

The gazettal of new planning controls for the site in October 2021 and the adoption of a site-specific development control plan by Ku-ring-gai Council introducing parking requirements have informed the development application that will be lodged with Ku-ring-gai Council in the coming months.

As with the previous and approved development application, this development will provide a revitalised club facility at ground level with residential apartments in the airspace above. This DA gives consent for:

  • The demolition of the existing Club and associated improvements on the land;
  • A new ground floor boutique club facility that will offer a range of fine dining experiences for members and guests.
  • Thirty seven (37) one, two, three and four bedroom residential apartments that will be built above the Club across seven (7) levels;
  • Ninety (90) car parking spaces in four (4) basement levels for Club visitors, staff and future residents; and
  • Associated landscaping and civil works that will include a rooftop communal open space for residents.

As part of this DA and in accordance with NSW Planning Legislation, the Club has made a formal offer (which is referred to as a Voluntary Planning Agreement) to Ku-ring-gai Council to acquire the narrow strip of Council owned land at the Larkin Lane frontage of the site. It is proposed to extend the basement levels under this strip of land.

Once construction is completed, a stratum subdivision will enable this land to be dedicated back to Council at an agreed value.

It will be fully landscaped and paved in accordance with the Council’s public domain plan for Memorial Park and the Roseville Town Centre.

The new development will not alter the current boundary line of the Club with Memorial Park. The land area of Memorial Park will be unchanged.

Community Benefits

Ku-ring-gai Council has developed a long term plan for improvements to the Roseville local centre. The draft Roseville Public Domain Plan proposes upgrades to streets to revitalise central Roseville as a destination for local residents and to enhance its garden character.

The Draft Plan describes the vision to revitalise the public domain areas of central Roseville. It also provides public domain guidance to ensure the centre evolves through growth, multimodal transport facilities and redevelopment.

Artist’s impression of Memorial Park in the Draft Roseville Domain Plan

Source: Draft Roseville Public Domain Plan

The key principles of the draft Roseville Plan include:

  • Retain and enhance the character of the main street shops on Pacific Highway and Hill Street.
  • Respect and enhance the public domain including Heritage Conservation Areas and heritage items.
  • Improve pedestrian and cyclist safety, connectivity, and movement within the centre.
  • Activate laneways away from Pacific Highway as alternate pedestrian routes and potential locations for shopping and dining.
  • Improve Roseville Memorial Park for everyday use as well as war memorial services.
  • Enhance and extend floral displays throughout the centre, building on the character of railway gardens.

Map of Memorial Park in the Draft Roseville Domain Plan

Source: Draft Roseville Public Domain Plan

  • Seek opportunities for new urban parks, spaces and places for local events.
  • Improve the amenity of Hill Street by providing potential outdoor dining opportunities, widened footpaths, reduced traffic speeds, and street trees.
  • Increase tree canopy cover in the Local Centre.

To view the Draft Public Domain Plan on the Ku-ring-gai Council website, follow the link below:

The redevelopment of the Club has been designed in accordance with these public domain controls. The Club has made a formal offer (which is referred to as a Voluntary Planning Agreement) to Ku-ring-gai Council to acquire the narrow strip of Council owned land at the Larkin Lane frontage of the site. It is proposed to extend the basement levels under this strip of land.

Once construction is completed, a stratum subdivision will enable this land to be dedicated back to Council at an agreed value. It will be fully landscaped and paved in accordance with the Council’s public domain plan for Memorial Park and the Roseville Town Centre. The landscaped works will include a 6 metre wide landscaped setback that will include a pedestrian pathway and four (4) trees.

A terrace with transparent balustrade is also proposed at ground level along the length of the eastern interface of the club site with Memorial Park. This terrace will provide an important ceremonial connection between the club and the Park for the veteran community on days of remembrance.

Image Gallery

The following images are early CGI renders of the project. More detailed renders will be available soon.

Project Status

Site Analysis




Planning Proposal


Development Application


Not yet started
Not yet completed

Project Journey

The development journey for this project commenced in 2016. It was always intended to be a three (3) stage process. This development application is the third and final stage in the development journey.

Over the last seven years much of the work focused on formulating an appropriate design solution for the site and establishing in conjunction with Ku-ring-gai Council the new planning framework that would enable its realisation.

The three (3) stages in the development journey are set out below.

Stage 1

Stage 1 involved the approval of 2018 Development Application DA 134/18 by the Sydney North Planning Panel on the 2nd September 2020. This application established the site was suitable for a mixed use development comprising shop-top housing above a ground floor registered Club.

This development application conformed to the original height and floor space ratio controls that applied to the land. The DA provided for thirty three (33) residential apartments built across six (6) levels above the new Club facility and three (3) basement levels of car parking for 58 vehicles. In approving the development the Panel noted:

‘The Roseville Club on the site has been a gathering place and facility for the local community for many years and has played an important community role. The proposal before the Panel has been presented as an opportunity to revitalise the Club as well as the site which has been zoned to accommodate a diverse mix of land uses. The development planning framework and controls generally contemplate development of the type, form and scale proposed for this site.’

This DA was not acted upon and it has lapsed.

Stage 2

Stage 2 involved the gazettal of the Planning Proposal on the 21st October 2021 which amended the height and floor space ratio controls pertaining to the site. The Planning Proposal established a 3:1 floor space ratio and a 26.5 metre height control for the site to accommodate seven (7) residential storeys in the air space above the Club.

At this time Ku-ring-gai Council has also adopted a Site Specific Development Control Plan (DCP) which is referenced in Part 14L of the Kur-ring-gai Development Control Plan 2015.

Stage 3

Stage 3 comprises of this DA which was seeking consent for thirty seven (37) residential apartments across seven floors in the airspace above a new ground floor Club facility. The DA substantially complies with the Stage 2 height, floor space ratio controls and car parking requirements.

Site Description

The site is referred to as 62-66 Pacific Highway and compromises of three land parcels:

  • Part 62 Pacific Highway a small parcel of land at the Larkin Lane frontage that is under the ownership of Ku-ring-gai Council. This is the parcel of land that Club is offering to acquire.
  • 64 Pacific Highway the Roseville Memorial Club;
  • 66 Pacific Highway the Roseville Memorial Club.

The site has two street frontages, Pacific Highway and Larkin Lane. The amalgamated site forms a rectangular shape and has a combined area of 1,375 square metres.

The site has a gradual fall of approximately 1.2m from its highest point at the Pacific Highway frontage to its Larkin Lane frontage.

Arial view of the site

The Design

The proposed development has been designed by the award winning architects PBD. The proposal will deliver an iconic landmark at the gateway to the Roseville Centre. The architectural response retains the elegant and sculptural lines of the 2018 proposal.

The new registered Club remains at ground floor level and will be accessed off Pacific Highway via its own dedicated entry as presently occurs. In the airspace above, thirty seven (37) one (1), two (2) and three (3) bedroom apartments will be built across seven (7) levels. They will cater for residents who are wanting a convenient lifestyle with shops, restaurants and public transport in easy reach.

The design thinking behind this new DA reflects the following principles.

  • The maximum height of the development is placed at the Pacific Highway and Memorial Park corner. This creates an architectural feature that visually reinforces the gateway to the Roseville Local Centre and provides a corner address for the Club.
  • The building has been tiered, with round balcony elements that create its strong sculptural lines. The graduated and tiered setbacks of the upper levels maximise solar access and visual privacy for neighbouring properties and future residents of the development.
  • The architecture activates the Pacific Highway frontage with the main and separate entry points to the Club and the residential apartments being located at this frontage.
  • Drawing from a restrained palette of natural concrete elements and metal finishes the building will not prematurely age and will complement the materials that feature throughout the local neighbourhood.
  • An improved interface with Memorial Park is achieved by the inclusion of a continuous awning, full floor to ceiling windows and a ground floor terrace along the full length of the eastern elevation that fronts the Park.
  • Detailed arborists reports and root mapping confirm that the development can be constructed without any damage or removal of the existing trees in the park. At construction, arborists will work closely with Hyecorp to ensure all recommendations for tree protection are enforced. The basement footprint has been deliberately designed to sit outside of the tree protection zone.
  • A landscaped and pedestrian friendly 6 metre wide frontage at Larkin Lane reflects the Council’s public domain improvements for Memorial Park. This frontage will be activated by the new pedestrian pathway that will be planted with four mature trees. The landscape works improve the visual amenity of this frontage from Larkin Lane.
  • Generous balconies with landscape planter boxes and a communal rooftop open space area provide areas where future residents can enjoy district views, casual interaction and relaxation.
  • All car parking and waste servicing will now occur from within the basement levels of building. Allowing the new Larkin Lane pathway to be unobstructed and of high presentation and amenity.
  • A double service driveway provides a safe and seamless passage of travel for cars and service vehicles to the basement levels mitigating the potential for obstructions to Larkin Lane and adjacent public car Car parking for visitors and staff of the club is separated from resident parking. Storage units for the apartments is also provide in the basement levels.

Statistics At A Glance

Site Area2,629 sqm
Land Use ZoningThe site is zoned B2 Local Centre. Schedule 1 of the Ku-ring-gai
Local Environmental Plan 2015 allows a residential flat building
on the site if the ground floor will be used for a registered club.
The development is permissible with consent.
Total ApartmentsThirty seven (37)
Total Floor Space Ratio (FSR)2.99:1 provided and 3:1 allowed
Size of the Club Facility706 m2
(164 m2 less than existing)
Height above ground level 26.5 metres allowed
The development substantially complies with the control.
There is a minor breech to allow the lift to service the roof top terrace.
The development application is accompanied by a Clause 4.6
variation that seeks consent for this variation.
Car Parking88 spaces provided across 4 basements levels with dedicated
parking for club visitors and staff and the residential apartments
Car Park AccessLarkin Lane

Planning Considerations

The Development Application will be accompanied by a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) that has been prepared by Gyde Consulting. It will provide a thorough assessment of the development against the relevant planning controls that apply to this development which include:

  • SEPP 65 – Design Quality of Residential Flat Development
  • Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2015
  • Ku-ring-gai Development Control Plan (DCP) Part 14L

Clause 4.6 Variation to the Height Control

The development application will be accompanied by a Clause 4.6 variation that seeks consent for a minor variation to the statutory height control of 26.5 metres that applies to the site.

The variation arises as Ku-ring-gai Council has requested that lift access be provided to the roof top communal terrace and the lift overrun will exceed the height limit. The balance of the roof terrace sits well below the 26.5 metre control at 24.71 metres or at RL 135.48.

Voluntary Planning Agreement & Offer To Purchase Council Owned Land

The majority of the site is owned by the Roseville Memorial Cub, with the exception of the small parcel of land (that sits behind 64 Pacific Highway) at the Larkin Lane frontage which is owned by Ku-ring-gai Council. This land measures 156 square metres in area and is currently used by the Club on a lease/license arrangement for parking and service delivery.

This land was classified as ‘operational land’ by Ku-ring-gai Council in their amendment to Schedule 4 of the Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (Local Centres) 2012 that was gazetted on 9 December 2016. The ‘operational’ classification enables the Council to consider the divestment of this land.

Once construction is completed, a stratum subdivision will enable this land to be dedicated back to Council at an agreed value. It will be fully landscaped and paved in accordance with the Council’s public domain plan for Memorial Park and the Roseville Town Centre.

Under the Council’s public domain improvement plan for the Roseville Town Centre many of the sites that back onto the Larkin Lane Car Park will be required to dedicate land to Council in this manner when they are being redeveloped.

The Club has made a new letter of offer to enter into negotiations to purchase the land using the Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) process. Planning legislation supports the commencement of the VPA process by applicants who intend to seek approval for a new development.

This process has commenced ahead of the formal lodgment of the DA. This means the DA and the VPA can be exhibited concurrently. This is a much more efficient process and enables the community to provide comment on the proposal as a whole.

Assessment of the Development Application

Given the inclusion of the Council land in the proposal, independent legal and planning consultants have been appointed by Council. They will manage the negotiations and assess the DA. The DA will also be determined independently of the Council by the Sydney North Planning Panel.

The New Club

The new Club will continue to be a ‘Registered Club’ and it will be located on the ground floor of the development. It will be able to accommodate a maximum of 300 patrons at any one time, which is less than the number of patrons currently allowed in the existing club facility.

The Club will offer a range of dining experiences from fine dining through to casual family dining.

There will be 6 staff: 4 full time, 2 part time as well as contract staff working at the facility. The proposed hours of operation seek to maintain the existing hours of operation of the Club which are:

  • Monday to Saturday 7am-12 am
  • Sunday 7am to 10pm
  • The terrace adjacent to the Memorial Park will close at 9pm of a night.

The Club will have its own designated parking within the basement for visitors and staff.

All waste from the Club will be stored back of house in the garbage and recycling bins then moved to the waste room in the basement car park. This is an improvement over the current situation where waste is stored at the Larkin Lane frontage of the Club. An Operations Plan of Management will accompany the DA.

Community Events

On Tuesday 6 December 2022, UrbanTalk hosted two community consultation events at the Memorial Club to explain the final DA. Hyecorp and a strong community turnout had some fantastic dialogue around the development.

Return here for any information on future events or fill out the feedback form at the end of the page to ask a question.


Hyecorp is an experienced builder and understands the stress that construction can cause local residents. Hyecorp want to keep local residents informed about the construction process.

The Development Application is accompanied by a Construction and Traffic Management Plan that sets out how the development would be constructed. The key stages in the construction process are described below.

Demolition Phase

Anticipated Duration: 8 Weeks

Anticipated Commencement: 1st Quarter 2024

General Type of Works:

  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Removal of demolished material from site
  • Erection of Hoarding
Excavation Phase

Anticipated Duration: 5 Months

Anticipated Commencement: 3rd Quarter 2024

General Type of Works:

  • Piling / shoring works
  • Concrete pour associated with piling / shoring
  • Excavation works for basement level
  • Removal of excavated material from site
Construction Phase

Anticipated Duration: 18 Months

Anticipated Commencement: 4th Quarter 2024

General Type of Works:

  • General construction activity for building structure (floor slabs, walls, etc.)
  • Concrete pours
  • Associated plumbing and electrical works
  • Fit-out works
  • Associated landscaping works

The Roseville Memorial Club

Since 1947, The Roseville Memorial Club has been the focal point of Ku-ring-gai’s veteran community. In its day-to-day operation, it supports the social needs of its members as well as community groups, charity fundraisers, sponsorships and commemorative events. Being the only club of its kind on Ku-ring-gai’s Upper North Shore, the New Rose project will better equip the Club to continue supporting the local community long into the future.

The origins of the Club commenced with the establishment of the Roseville Sub Branch of the Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers Imperial League (RSL) of Australia on the 3rd July 1933.

In its early years, the Club was located on land that today forms part of the Roseville Memorial Park. In 1945 the Ku-ring-gai Council leased this land to the Roseville Sub Branch. The first monthly meeting of the Sub Branch was held on this site on the 27 May 1947.

With the expiration of the Council leasehold in 1960, the Club then acquired its current landholding and again with the help of Ku-ring-gai Council, the current Memorial Club Building was developed together with the Garden of Remembrance, which today forms part of the Roseville Memorial Park. The Club building was officially opened on the 3rd March 1962.

Today, the Club has 1100 members. Approximately 80% of the members have seen active service.

Introducing Hyecorp

Hyecorp is an Australian family-owned and operated award winning property group. Founded in the early 1990’s, they have three decades of experience delivering luxury apartments on Sydney’s North Shore and particularly within the Lane Cove Local Government Area.

With a strong connection to the communities in which they live and develop, it is within the DNA of the company to give back to local communities through community grants, donations, sponsorships and volunteering. The delivery and dedication of the new childcare centre, community hall and east west pedestrian link to Lane Cove Council continues Hyecorp’s ongoing commitment to the community as part of this project.

Their unique business model recognises that exceptional apartments start with exceptional designs. They combine their own in-house design knowledge with that of Australia’s leading architectural practices, with many of their projects winning industry awards.

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